There is a way that subtle changes come to stay
Barely noticed, hardly known
One day you'll say, my situation's locked away
But by tomorrow you're all alone

It seems so sudden but it's not, it's only grown
From a scene that long ago
Was left forgotten in the snow
And has a way with slow surprises all its own

It's hard to show but like a boulder rollin' slow
Or a rumble, deep in the ground
Things whisper low and by the time I really know
What's been movin', they've settled down

Too late to see the way they're shiftin' 'round
Too late to say there's bound to be another way
It's all been said and done without a sound

This comes to me and now that I begin to see
It's not dramatic, it's nothing grand
I used to be, half of the whole of you and me
Now I'm the limit of all I am

It seems so simple, nothin' much to understand
You walked out and closed the door
Said I don't live there anymore
And now nothin's hangin' heavy in my hands
Now nothin's hangin' heavy in my hands

In my hands, in my hands
Oh, nothin's hangin' heavy in my hands