Honor thy killer, I thank you all for leaving, I thank you though nothing's for sure
And nothing for certain but I know a girl who's perfectly worth waiting for
She retreats to the gardens, confesses to water and leaves that lake muddy and soiled
From diluvial wreckage, this simple conversion and nature's brave weapons recoil
For her

And I may feel different since I wrote this down, with every dark dream equidistant
The psychic foreclosures force down our eyes until no one can find any quiet
In dreams you can't dream, but when you're awakened the vault of the sky opens to you
Just calm yourself down, kid take it easy–this'll get better, it has to
For her

Captain my courage,subsided and twisted and I can guess more than your name
Unholy remora, you're not hard to figure, kid, we put the shameless to shane

Those chapfallen beauties, they're all small beer and fictional pictures of pride
So I find myself on the edge of a system, where folly and freedom collides
For her

The family blood accds no introduction, this evenings' amusement you've chosen
We all shoot to kill but more often miss and still no one I know feels lucky
I'm shaking my first at the thunderous chiming–I made what was right so wrong
What good are these stations if luck is my savior? I'm lucky I held on this long
For her