i broke down a pound and half
and sold bout a hundred quaters
and it was all profit
i chumped me a n*gg* for it
a hundred dollars to cue that
ten stacks ready to blow it
another half pound ready to blow it
f*ck it! ion need no quarters
i promise i'm going through it
only trying get to it
be better than me to the homies that i've influenced
i swear you don't really know me
you only know the music
they trying to figure a n*gg* out
let's see if i can confuse them

i'm just smoking on this liquor
and sipping on this weed
i had to pop a molly just so i could go to sleep
so i preach with a couple freaks
wake up in a suite
blowing swisher sweets
they light that right
i been doing this all week
just popped down
can't stand up
lean got me sitting sideways
just popped down
can't stand up
lean got me sitting sideways

[verse 1]
i'm so f*cking lost
i can't find my keys
girly on her knees
and i can't make her leave
she so f*cking geeked
she wanna do the team
she on a bean
and bout nineteen swishers filled with… og
mix ciroc with the lean
if i drive then i speed
got them ac slater muscle cars
and them tires screech
i'm gone
peel off like a banana
on a yellow bar
a yellow tab
a duece
and a yellow fanta
riding with two straight up killas
fresh out the slammer
and they crippin'
when they put in work they wear red bandanas
i swear i don't understand em'
but you don't wanna see em'
n*gg* if i put the g in the right n*gg* hands
they crime seekers!


[verse 2]
i sleep when i count a trillion
creeping i'm so familiar
cause i beep till its over with
keep the heat cause i'm cold n*gg*
squeeze the pistol like its controlling just to show
f*ck around and wreck my car if i drive sober
i stay high as gas just so i won't spazz
don't make me drop a bag on a n*gg* *ss
i heard these n*gg*s mad that i'm getting cash
them trigger happy n*gg*s with me gone ride
like it's six flags
i'm with that
i'm bout that
all black when it's pitch black
hop out that like what's up
i gots to get some get back
i still wish they bring them bricks back
litia ave. i miss that
so i'm eastside stunting
took the ice in my drink
and put it where my wrist at


mental warfare!
you don't wanna go to war with soldiers
trash bag gang!