i spent all my time (trying not to lose control)
all my time
i lost my mind (trying not to lose my soul)
trying not to lose my soul, my soul

when you alone the world seem so big, i feel like i'm by myself
cause i never hear from n*body, until they need my help
i got 8 bills to pay today, and 2 more due on the 12th
half of 'em ain't even mine, h*ll i probably just smoke what's left
i tell you what i ain't gon' do, feel sorry for myself
i'mma do it 'til they say i did it to death, fall off, nah dog kidding yourself
i'm at a crossroads where my choices determine my fortune
it's either do business with vultures or unemployment
went to the doctor for one appointment, she said i was crazy
well not really, depressed and prescribed all types of medication
i read the side effects, decided i wouldn't ever take 'em
how ironic i wasn't ever patient just overly dedicated

can't please everyone, can't balance everything right now i don't even wanna try
swear a n*gg* so muf*ckin' tired that i might not sleep when i die
riding 'round with this heat on my side
since i was younger i had beef and all my pride
cause these n*gg*s think i'mma let it slide
my homies probably think i won't ride
i just think that i think too much
on top of that i still drink and get high
so f*ck it, it's an eye for an eye, now the blind lead the blind
now you losing control, losing yo soul, losing time
got off your grind, you lost yo mind, i spent all of mine trying not to