heeeey! hey! hey! hey!

well everyone you meet,
in the pubs and on the street
is touch sensitive.

don't frown and you're a creep
if you smile you're a liar
if you don't say “it's bitter cold”
you're drunken, too.

{hey! hey! hey! hey! …. hey! hey! hey! hey!}

they say what about the money?
but i think that i'm industry [in the street?]
i think they've got a bl**dy cheeck.
i'm livin' in a p*wnshop weekly
[in delia's]
what don't want a little kip


{they're touch sensitive.}

{hey! hey! hey! hey!)

touch sensitive
old people worry about the milk
but in the street they call you filth.

houses line up
volume tremors
p*ss down your barber till your carrot speaks
stand back and laugh.
you are burstin' for a pee

so you go behind a tree
two coppers followed safe
that as will be the end
the best thing is to stay home
and have a w*nk.