I was wrong, the earth beneath our feet won't last for ever I'll soon be gone,
Oh well done....

I want to apologise, by the power invested in you in a way I got wrong,
By the power invested in your way I have known.

Has been the future, calm man, be the bigger man–back down, save us all
Let me take your future for you, 'Look at me I'm a surgeon'
Where was my world gone?

Now you've gone, they've pulled the rug out from beneath my feet
That's the ground I'm standing on
Why is Mother Nature over there with her legs open wide?
Open wide...

You look so good

You look so good
You look so good on paper
You look like a (?)
Like a crumbling puzzle
Your place of work...

Oh the here and the now as the ground we stand on
Over the (?)
The earth beneath our feet we place beneath our agenda
You'd better hope there's a hell below because everything else is unknown Unknown...

You'd better hope there's a hell below!