i take in the smoke from the barbeque. i swallow my own cheap booze.
i try not to look at your legs, as little boys play in big girl's shoes.
i play their games and take them walks. i make jokes about feeling clucky.
nnd i make myself drunken dreams but first i'd have to get lucky.

i know it didn't mean a thing, i just pretended it's a joke.
i say i saw you topless but i keep quiet about that business with the poke.

the smell of outdoor cooking, the bevvy's gone to my head.
please don't bend over like that, it makes me wonder what we'd be like in bed.

get your fingers out my friend…

did you think the same as me? as we stood there in the kitchen.
we were talking about having kids and as usual i did my bit of b*tching.

you know that i don't want a girlfriend. i just wanted someone to f*ck.
just someone to p*ss the time with, when it's coming up for the chuck.

keep your fingers out my friend…