It's gonna rain like this for days, I'm gonna drown in my old ways
But I'm fine, I'm fine
It's gonna hurt like hell when you pull back the hammer and fire
But I'm fine, I'm fine

You see a storm knock down my superpower
Now I sleep through thunder showers
Wake me when you learn to be cool

If I'm the captain of this boat then all my shipmates are fools
And all the stars in the world
Couldn't help me steer my way out of this kiddie pool

I'm gonna wake up from this dream when nightmares land up on my street
But I'm fine, I'm fine
Needed a hand to keep my head up so you put hooks in both my ears

But I'm fine, I'm fine

Yeah, it's a chronic pain in my ass
But no, it's not a burden
It's ironic that I drink to make my insides stop hurting

And it's a love that gives me heartburn
It's a song that makes my stomach turn
And I wouldn't trade my head for all the aces in the deck

'Cause I'm fine, 'cause I'm fine
'Cause I'm fine, 'cause I'm fine
I'm fine