Don't know how I got this far away
But i don't feel right in my own skin today
Seems like I'm always movin' the wrong way
keep thinking things will change, change someday

It's like everybody knows everybody else but me
Everybody's got something good to say, and interesting
And all I can see are the bright colors in my head
I should roll my self right down, get out of bed

But not today
No not today
No not today
No not today hey

Well I don't know why I, I always feel so alone
But I feel it cold and I feel it right down to the bone
Wanna close my eyes real tight, let it drift away
But there's no turnin' back for me, not here today

No not today
No not today
No not today

No not today

I know you feel I'm crazy
It's like everybody feels emptiness, it's plain to see
But Mr. Sad Clown, you're lingering in a bad place
Won't you steal those tears away

And hey, hey, hey
Not today hey hey

As long as I can recall it's been part of me
Though it isn't always so clear or plain to see, no
That it's so damn hard thinking 'bout breakin' off from you
But it feels just like it might be the right thing to do, yeah

Maybe today
Maybe today
Maybe today
Maybe today