The rain that falls all over town
Catches the dust as it falls on down.
And it falls on the rich and it falls on the poor,
It falls on my hands as I walk from your door.

It’s an equal thing, like the sun in the sky,
The rain that falls on you and I.
And it equally falls on the weak and the strong,
It falls on the righteous and the ones that do wrong.

I’m not saying anything at all,
I’m not saying you’re wrong in the same of it all,

I’m not saying you’re right, �cause it equally falls
Like the sun in the heavens, like the rain when it pours.

There’s a chilling breeze and the smell of the rain
Brings me your tears all over again.
And the water’s all gone, but the memory remains
Like the smell of the dust rising after the rain,
Like the smell of the dust rising…