[intro: starlito]
we gone free big guy & red dot on this one

[verse 1: starlito]
them n*gg*s ain't us, that's the same reason they hating
i'm just like you my n*gg*, only difference i'm not waiting on n*body for nothing,
either they riding or it's f*ck em! i promise all i think about is
p*ssy & money, that's my influence, i do what the f*ck i want
when i want to do it, real *ss n*gg* dawg don't even mention my music
i advise only the real ride to it, they try but i do it,
oh, i ain't introduce myself my bad, it's lito
i do it bigger they the iphone i'm the ipad
once i shoot this b*tch off a tripod, can't stop the bleeding
better try a pad…. ol' p*ssy *ss n*gg*
i could've been done through my life away, i guess god spared me
i'm rapping with h*ll's fury, ain't none of this imaginary
i'm at war with myself, so n*gg* f*ck you i'm at war with myself
idk what to do, i'm at war with myself

[inerlude: starlito]
before i go any further, let me ask you this
what satisfies you, what would you be satisfied by?
i mean i've given my best, had sat on
spit back, as if it wasn't my original thought
i mean the streets held my mind captive for so long
it don't matter what label you place on me
gifted, goofy, whatever, i'm bold i'm honest
this just how i solve it, i'm gone rap
i'm gone get back to that,cause that's what i'm here for
right now, but.. b-but i hope you find you a purpose
cause it's a lot of motherf*ckers that's lost
& i say that meaning not knowing where they going
& not winning even by charlie sheen standards
i get high, but sometimes (n*gg* f*ck you) other times i get even lower

[verse 2: starlito]
i wake up grab the tool, before i hit the snooze, rather be on mtv
shidd i done did the news, guess we was never cool,don't get this sh*t confused
don't want to fit in your shoes, if it's little me & bigger you
that's fine, i was still riding, i was just trying to get what was mine
wish n*gg*s stop lying, cause my n*gg*s keep dying
& the way the state been giving out time, to a n*gg* that's rich
ain't gotta touch sh*t, i ain't gotta touch sh*t
might not mean nothing, but i'm living out my rhymes, forget it i resign
in just they print it i ain't say resign…
n*gg*s might not owe me nothing, but until the rap game show me different i'm fine
look i ain't gotta rhyme, & i don't give a f*ck if i ain't gotta dime
i ain't gotta stand in line, got the kind of talent you should be trying to sign
not trying to rob, & if i'm not unsigned then it's a glitch in the matrix
& i don't wanna talk, & to my n*gg* red dot f*ck it, i'm going off
i'm at war with myself,i'm at war with myself.. (think i give a f*ck about you)