You said I care but I'm thinking we should settle up
You were there back when I said this was a deal breaker
After today I'm not sure i believe in anything
What I'm saying is we're playing something set in stone
And it's burning hot, but cool to the touch if you lay it on an open wound

Lied to...
Still I'm so glad to walk
Beside you...
But so many roads can take me home

You said I'm scared that the drape's ringing down on us
Weren't you the one who said we're cut from a different cloth
End of the day maybe our best isn't good enough
What I'm saying is we dressed up a broken bone

But the tourniquets cut blood to the lower two limbs now there's only one... open wound

Prey for beasts we're slowly fattened up
Made to leave then hunted down

I know my way
I've seen a place
First star can take me home

Burn your keepsakes plastic dust to dust
Your promise ring's been melted down