the city was too late for us
i got there and you wanted to get away
the city was too gray for us
we slept through the blue skies
under clouds of the duvet

and the streets were all to straight for us
a parade of n*bility seen from above
but the city is to blame for us
and what was our love

the city makes you make a fuss
it's places to meet up under the light
the city's got its stake in us
it's keeping receipts of our h*llo's and our hi's

and everything is made of dust
from the backs of the comets to the little street mice
the city takes so long to get quiet
and l*st wasn't sleeping that night

before we knew it we knew it was right
before we blew it i didn't know that we might
and now it's somebody's story and i'm not sorry that it's mine
before we knew it we were out of time

the city says ‘oh if i could'
but the rain-soaked battered view makes you not sure
am i walking in your neighbourhood?
i was just driving by the rained-out streets where we once were

and even though it's way too late
time seems to have stopped still where we stood
you ran back in and you're somewhere in the city
you're somewhere in the city and i hope you're good