twirling in the night air
i never thought it'd last
the card was drawn the joker
i almost had to laugh
with a will and nerves of granite
i guess i can't complain
thought i wanted both worlds
still i'm happy on this train
my soul is always with her
but i don't need a home
i don't sleep
i can't eat
i'm fine alone
jeannie was a dancer
she lived on hamden row
i wanted to take her with me
but jeannie she said no
a beautiful woman with looks that would last
i almost faltered almost strayed from my path
but i just couldn't move from uranium groove
so i gave her the choice to follow my move
she had her own path she needed to dance
a perfect ballerina who could and who can't
not to ask twice that was my vice
but don't you understand it was a wife or a life?
i sit on this wheel of knowledge
thinking of all the women that have been in my life
just one stands out
maybe i took it too far
proposing marriage is a very big step you know
but it really doesn't matter now, now does it?
i just wanted someone along for the ride
so i didn't have to ride alone
but she looked at me said baby, baby
i have a ride of my own
and her blue eyes
i saw them turning away
in the swirl of a fandango
i fell down to my knees
i cried
why is it that i didn't know?
repeat 2nd verse