I just want,
I want to let it build up til they kind of forget
Then I'm gonna come here rappin.
Fried turkey.
Re-up and do it again,
Re-up and do it again,
Re-up and do it again.

I'm IND, nah, I don't depend on em.
If you don't put in on it then you ain't my friend.
I just be counting these ends, lonely I'm dating my Benz.
Couple of my exes have twins now but I wasn't in on it.
Just be thinkin all out, put down this drink and this ho out.
Don't need no niggas around, me and my bitch out of town.
I left a zip at the house, it's about ten different flavors.
Yeah, I been skimping them pounds.

Yeah, re-up and do it again.

Over and over again, it drove me psycho.
That paper got recycled, now my neighbors all white folks.
My granddaddy purpin, OG.
I got an old soul.
Snooze me that's a no go.

I got a fo-fo.
For my fo's I'm loco.
Lito, tell me something I don't know.
Glock got a red light but I don't.
I'm on go, I'm on that dro.
Fuck a piss test.
Fuck a PO, can't sign a female artist they might try to fuck the CEO.
You still ain't real, and I don't give a fuck what your CD sold.
It's Lito, going for the gusto.
You see before your eyes know the skies.
No mask, don't pose when it flash, cause that's your ass, bang.
Shoot like my last name, trash bag gang.
Got a bunch of niggas that don't rap, still doing the same thing.
They camera shy, don't talk on phones.
I love when it ring, I'm thuggin.
Entertainment, I'm in the game.

Yeah, just re-up and do it again.

Let me hear that.