Kali Ma, queen of aeons
Our mother
Swallow the world
Kali Ma, in your bosom
Kali mother
I seek refuge

Kali Ma
Now it's autumn of the aeons
Dance with your sword
Now it's time for the harvest
Climb the ladder
Mistress of time

Let the tongue of her fire burn
Sleep on the cremation bed
It's autumn of the aeons

End is near, it's nothing to fear
A beginning of the world

Time is spiral, eternal

Kundalini in space
Kali, the black
With garland of sculls
Om Krim Kali, Om Krim Kali
Om Krim Kali, Kali Ma

Kali Ma, bring us nectar
Kali Yuga
The world is ripe
Pick the fruits
Cleanse the spirit
Kali mother
Bathe in her stream

Kali black
You're the white one
Sacred water
Kali Ma
Now it's autumn of the aeons