Verse 1
Gear up to battle with anger and hate
As you feel the fire burning in you
It's in your veins giving you power
Giving you the power to kill
Rushing forward against your enemy
With a mighty sword in your hand
Killing enemies fast and furious
Nothing can stop you now

Hˆjning 1
Is coming for you

With the power to kill

Verse 2
In the heat of the battle you feel the rush
As the blood keep boiling in your veins
You show the no mercy this night
As the darkness closes in
You cut them down with pure hate
And show the what pain means
You have been killing for hours
And you never want to stop

Hˆjning 2
Is coming for you

Verse 3
The fire in your heart will never stop burning
It has always been there tearing you apart
Death is creeping in the shadows
Waiting for a chance to strike
The battle is over and you are left alone
The screams of terror are gone
You are alone with rotting corpses
Waiting for death's toll

Hˆjning 3
Is coming for you

Sista Ref.
With the power to kill
You will die
You will die